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Mohammadsaleh Nikooroo

Ph.D. student

Research areas: Radio resource management, Power control, Flying base stations, Analytical modelling, Channel coding, Signal processing

+420 2 2435 4022


Mohammadsaleh Nikooroo received B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran in 2014, and MPhil degree in Information Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong in 2017. Currently, he is a PhD student at the Department of Telecommunication Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. His research focus concerns communications in self-optimizing mobile networks with drones with a focus on energy consumption, communication, and user’s QoS aspects. His research interests include mobile communications, signal processing, channel coding, optimization, and flying base stations.

Publications, patents, and demos

Saleh is author of several papers at international conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.
Selected publications

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    Research projects
    • Cooperation with the International Research Centre in Area of Digital Communication Systems (03/2020 – 12/2024)
    • Communication in Self-optimizing Mobile Networks with Drones (01/2018 – 06/2021)
      • funded by Czech Science Foundation
      • main roles: optimizaton of positioning of flying base stations