The 6Gmobile research lab at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering focuses on key aspects and challenges related to the future mobile networks and emerging wireless technologies. The 6Gmobile reserch lab continues with similar team and research directions addreseed by its predecessor 5Gmobile research lab.

The communication of the future

The aim of 6Gm is to propose new approaches and provide innovative solutions towards future 5G+ and 6G mobile networks. The 6Gm is oriented on topics related to mobility and radio resource management. This includes design of conventional as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence-based control and management algorithms for handover, power control, interference management, load balancing, self-optimization of radio access, cognitive radio, and energy efficient communications. The 6Gm also addresses network architecture issues including MEC, C-RAN and flexible radio access networks. From perspective of 5G+, 6G scenarios, our research is oriented towards scenarios encompassing device-to-device communications, flying base stations (drones, UAVs), IoT, vehicular communications, and intelligent transportation systems.

Our expertise

Drones as flying base stations
Deployment of base stations mounted on UAVs enable flexible radio access delivered on demand. We design procedures and algorithms for deployment of the UAVs, association of users, allocation of resources and power to optimize energy consumption and quality of delivered services.
Mobile edge computing
Mobile edge computing allows for offloading of a computation from mobile devices to nearby edge servers to reduce latency and energy consumption. Our research is oriented on architectures supporting edge computing, allocation of computing and communicating resources and handling users' mobility.
Cloud radio access networks
Cloud-base radio access network targets to optimize cost and energy consumption of network control. We design algorithms for flexible allocation of control functionalities related to resource allocation across the network.
IoT & vehicular communications
Connection of diverse types of devices, including vehicles, is supposed to make our lives easier and safer. We deliver procedures enabling access of massive amount of IoT devices and vehicles and managing communication of these devices.
Radio resource management
The general objective of radio resource management is to efficiently utilize radio resources. We focus on various strategies and algorithms to control transmission power, allocation of radio resources to users, selection of modulation and coding scheme, etc.
Mobility management
Mobility management target seamless connectivity of users. We develop algorithms and tune parameters to optimize mobility management for future mobile networks to cope especially with high density of base stations and flexible architectures of radio access networks.