4G5GMobilityRRMROCKET – Reconfigurable OFDMA-based Cooperative NetworKs Enabled by Agile SpecTrum Use

Design of mobility and radio resource management techniques for OFDMA networks towards IMT Advanced requirements.

The FP7 ROCKET project aims at designing Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology that enables a larger number of users to be served at a high data rate in both urban and rural deployment scenarios. The technical approach relies on the combination of 1)advanced coordination and cooperation of Base Stations (BS) and Relay Stations (RS) in order to increase the area spectral efficiency 2)operation on larger bandwidth, including an opportunistic/flexible spectrum usage that adapts to the different capabilities of the network devices (BS,RS,MS) 3)optimized signaling that minimizes the MAC overhead for basic functionalities such as scheduling and handover and the backhaul load required to support the advanced spectrum usage, mobility (i.e. handover) and cooperation mechanisms defined in the project. Finally, the antenna integration constraints and the implementability of selected key algorithms will be studied thanks to a state-of-the-art hardware and software prototyping platform.

4G, 4G+, Cooperative networking, Spectrum, Radio resource management, Mobility management

Major results and publications

    01/2009 – 12/2010
    Project no.:
    EC FP7
    Budget (6Gm):
    98k EUR
    PI (6Gm):
    Zdenek Becvar
    Pavel Mach
    UPC Barcelona, ...