4GMobilityRRMFIREWORKS – Flexible Relay Wireless OFDM-based networks

Design of radio resource management and mobility management techniques for support of relays in OFDM(A)-based 4G networks.

FIREWORKS project aims to enhance OFDM(A)-based Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMAN) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) technologies with novel concepts such as multi-hop architecture, flexible relaying deployment and cooperative communication with final objective to design and specify a next generation Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) system whose capabilities are validated and demonstrated by a prototype. Future BWA systems must have the ability for fast rollout, scalable and cost-effective network deployment in highly diverse propagation environments while exceeding current coverage and capacity capabilities. Some of the benefits for telecom operators are the reduced investment risks, the higher scalability to customer expansion and the provision of high and profitable QoS. End-users will enjoy ubiquitous access independent of propagation conditions and landscape variations. The introduction of Relay Stations (RS) into WMAN produces a significant increase of the link quality which leads to throughput enhancement and coverage extension. In FIREWORKS, the core system operation is based on the exploitation of advanced PHY techniques, the optimization of the Medium Access Control (MAC) and the design of novel Radio Resource Management (RRM) functions for the multi-hop architecture provided by means of relays. Finally, the development of the FIREWORKS prototype can provide sufficient insight for the evaluation of the economic viability of the relay based network concept.

4G, Relaying, OFDMA, Radio resource management, Mobility management

Major results and publications

    01/2006 - 12/2007
    Project no.:
    EC, FP7
    Budget (6Gm):
    40k EUR
    PI (6Gm):
    Zdenek Becvar, Pavel Mach
    UPC Barcelona, ....