5G6GArchitectureRobotsTestbedRemote Control of Robot in Inter-connected 5G Testbeds in Prague and Munich

Remote haptic control of robot in Munich (TUM) from Prague (CTU, FEE) via 5G

The objective of this project is to carry out experiments and tests of an impact of 5G radio access network settings on key performance indicators related to control of a robot located in Munichand controlled from Prague and to identify potential bottlenecks and limitations of 5G for such remote control via the interconnected testbed in Munich and Prague.

Testbed, Remote robot control, 5G+, PerformanceĀ 

Major results and publications

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    OCTOPUS: Optimized Cross-border TeleOperated Medicine Pouring Using NextGen Seamless Communication Networks
    IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC 2024), .

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    Date :
    12/2022 - 10/2023
    Project No.:
    BTHA (Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency)
    ~14 kEUR
    Zdenek Becvar
    Team (6Gm):
    TU Munich (prof. Eckehard Steinbach, prof. Wolfgang Kellerer)
    Testbed, OAI, 5G+, Performance, Remote robot control

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