5GD2DRRMGame theoretic aspects of wireless spectrum access

Game theoretic analysis for the cognitive spectrum allocation and radio resource management

The project aims to apply game theoretic analysis to the cognitive spectrum allocation problem (cooperative, competitive and hybrid approaches). This should lead to implementable adaptations of the naive interference game and its Nash Equilibria. We will analyze the dynamics and prove the convergence of these techniques. We will also deal with generalizations of the problem when networks are saturated, when channel state information is inaccurate, and when each user can transmit over multiple frequency bands. This will lead to the development of algorithms and protocols for efficient, agile and adaptive spectrum and radio resource allocation based on game theoretic concepts.

Game theory, Cognitive radio, Radio resource management, D2D

Major results and publications

07/2016 – 06/2018
Project no.:
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Budget (6Gm):
60k EUR
PI (6Gm):
Zdenek Becvar
Pavel Mach, Jan Plachy
Bar Ilan University (prof. Amir Leshem)