-Ongoing-6GMECML/AIRobotsRRMTestbedRemote Experience Center for Joint Research in Robotics and Mobile Communications

Distributed Remote Experience Center integrating robotics, mobile comunications, and edge computig towards joint opent platform.

The project aims to develop a distributed Remote Experience Center between the TU Munich and FEE, CTU Prague to democratize access to integrated high-end robotics and mobile communication systems. Furthermore, the project focused on design design a novel solution for an efficient delivery of heterogeneous and multimodal sensory data from individual robots to a place, where such information should be processed and deliver the processing results
back to the robots requesting the results for their coordinated operation in dynamic settings. Then, we will address the challenges of enabling the effective transfer of skills from humans to remotely operated robots via mobile

6G, Mobile Networks, Robotics, Computing, Artificial Intelligence, PoC, Open arena

Major results and publications

    07/2024 - 06/2026
    Project No.:
    Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MSMT)
    ~240 kEUR
    Zdenek Becvar
    Team (6Gm):
    Pavel Mach, Praveen Gorla, Jan Danek
    TU Munich (prof. Eckehard Steinbach, prof. Wolfgang Kellerer)
    6G, Mobile Networks, Robotics, Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Open arena, Experiments, PoC

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